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MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy hold a meeting, dedicated to Year of Science and Technology

MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy hold a meeting, dedicated to Year of Science and Technology

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On 24 February 2021 MSU Rector Academician Viktor Sadovnichy held a meeting with students. The event was dedicated to Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

Heads of MSU student organizations, the winners of the International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists Lomonosov-2020 and the contest Science XXI, as well as the leaders of youth scientific projects attended the meeting.

Meeting moderator, Chairman of the MSU Student Union Ekaterina Zimakova congratulated the guests on the past Defender of the Fatherland Day and showed a video of laying flowers at the memorial sites of Moscow University. On February 22, students honored the memory of the war dead laying flowers at the monument Meeting of the Western Front command staff. October 1941 on the territory of the MSU Rest House Krasnovidovo, and, on February 23, at the memorial complex Eternal Flame within the All-Russian action Protect the Memory of Heroes. Turning to the scientific agenda, the participants of the meeting congratulated Rector Viktor Sadovnichy on the Demidov Prize award in the category Applied Mathematics for his outstanding contribution to the development of science in Russia.

In his welcoming speech, MSU Rector Academician Viktor Sadovnichy noted the importance of fundamental research and spoke about the results of some of them, showing how they have changed the world. Viktor Sadovnichy shared his personal experience of achieving his professional success and encouraged students to take an active part in the research activities of the university and the country. Special attention was paid to the development of scientific and educational schools and the creation of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center Vorobyovy Gory.

The winners of the International Youth Scientific Forum Lomonosov-2020, whose research topics are related to the areas of scientific schools ("Preservation of the world cultural and historical heritage", "Brain, cognitive systems, artificial intelligence", "Mathematical methods for analyzing complex systems", "Photonic and quantum technologies. Digital medicine", "The future of the planet: global environmental monitoring"), were invited. Presentations were made by the winner of the section History and History of Art, 1st year Master's student of the MSU Faculty of History Abramova Kristina; the winner of the section Biology, 1st year Master’s student of the Faculty of Biology Diffine Ekaterina; the winners of the section Mathematics and mechanics, 5th year student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Podpruzhnikov Ivan and 6th year student Sergey Korolkov; the winner of the section Geography, 4th year student of the Faculty of Geography Lisina Anastasiya; the winner of the section Physics, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Physics Rumyantsev Boris. Also, Eduard Ibragimov, a 3rd year student of the Physics Department, made a report on the Vernadsky design schools. 

At the end of the event, the winners of the Forum Lomonosov-2020 and the contest Science XXI were awarded.

A pleasant gift for the meeting participants was a creative performance from a 4th year student of the Higher School of Television Yurovskaya Katarina, who performed a medley in different languages.