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"Russia has many faces" – 2022!

"Russia has many faces" – 2022!

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The International Student Folk Art Festival "Russia has Many Faces" – 2022, which has been held by the MSU Student Union since 2019, has started.

Applications are open until October 15, 2022 inclusive.

The festival includes 7 genre and thematic nominations:

– vocals,

– theatrical performances of ethnic culture,

– national choreography,

– an artistic word,

– ethnic costume,

– applied art,

– painting, illustration .

Read more about the directions, nominations and conditions of participation in the Regulations on the festival https://disk

All relevant information about the Festival is posted in the official VKontakte group

In 2021, 734 soloists and creative teams from 63 regions of Russia took part in the Festival.

The festival is held under the auspices of the Vernadsky All-Russian Student Club, which unites youth organizations and events of Vernadsky scientific and educational consortia operating in 33 regions of Russia.