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The 6th season of the " I am a Professional" competition has started

The 6th season of the " I am a Professional" competition has started

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The registration of the participants of the 6th season of the All-Russian Students Olympiad "I am a Professional" has begun.

In the academic year of 2022/2023, the Olympiad will take place for the sixth time and cover 73 different fields of study. Lomonosov Moscow State University will host the Olympiad in Chemistry and Biology. Traditionally, MSU students take part in almost all Olympiad directions. For example, in the previous season more than 2400 Moscow State University students took part in competitions in 72 fields of study, winning 48 medals and 245 diplomas.

Stages of the Olympiad:

1. 29 September - 15 November - registration.

2. November 18 - December 4 - first stage (online).

3. February - April 2023 - final stage (mixed format).

4. May 2023 - announcement of the results of the Olympiad.

At the end of the Olympiad the following categories are nominated:

- awardees,

- winners,

- medallists (gold, silver, and bronze).

All winners and awardees for the next two years will receive access to internships and jobs in partner companies of the Olympiad, consultations of HR-specialists, online-events and visits to companies. Cash prizes are provided for medallists. The prizes range from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

Registration for the Olympiad:

Good luck!